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Life coach and author Natalia Alexandria is an expert in personal development who believes that anyone can live an extraordinary life.

"When you live life to the fullest, transitions will be bumpy. How you adapt to these changes is entirely about your preparation and your willingness to take action."

Having faced multiple life transitions, both personally and professionally, Ms. Alexandria knows it isn't easy. She lost perfect vision in her twenties and strove to function as though nothing had happened. Her refusal to accept limitations eventually created a methodology that integrates the wisdom of body, mind/emotions and spirit balance. It underscores the necessity of spiritual expansion—the one area of our lives that harbors a will so powerful, that anything is possible.

Ms. Alexandria left a career on Wall Street to operate a fine arts business in New York and Paris. Later she combined her business experience and lifelong study of nutrition, behavioral sciences, mind-body medicine and spiritual traditions, into a common sense framework for self-improvement. She also created Infinite Professional Development™, a cutting-edge, executive coaching series that prepares the individual and team for exceptional performance in the workplace.

Ms. Alexandria is a certified life coach, and has been in practice for over ten years. She works with individuals and businesses seeking optimum well-being and work/life balance.