Natalia Alexandria is an inspiring speaker with a story of overcoming adversity, creating positive life change, and living her dreams.

She is first-generation American, an ex-Wall Streeter and entrepreneur, with a no-nonsense approach to changing your life. Natalia is a powerful example of positive life change and is an expert in personal development.

"If you seek to live life to the fullest, the journey will be bumpy. How you manage transition is entirely about your preparation and your willingness to take action."

Having faced multiple life challenges, both personally and professionally, Natalia knows it isn't easy. She lost perfect vision in her twenties and became legally blind and strove to function as though nothing had happened. Her refusal to accept limitations created a mind-body methodology that underscores the necessity of spiritual expansion, that part of us that rules our heart and soul. "The spirit is our strongest life asset that manifests both as infinite knowledge and a will so powerful that anything is possible."

Natalia is a certified life coach, and has been in practice for over ten years. She works with individuals and businesses seeking optimum well-being and performance, and work/life balance.

YOUR LIFE IQ  by Natalia Alexandria

Available in English & Spanish