WE ALL ARE ONE – is there a comeback? by Natalia Alexandria

“We all are one, we are the same person…” wrote Bob Marley, world-renowned reggae singer. But that was nearly thirty years ago, and what exactly has changed? What happened to that profound message of standing in unity and recognizing that we’re all human beings with similar needs, feelings, and aspirations?

Very few would argue that all of humanity is connected, and what is happening to one, is happening to another. Globalization has made sure of that. Through the variety of media outlets, we applaud courage, embrace integrity, and defend those who cannot defend themselves. We are the same person—our achievements, our dreams, our triumphs, are all of ours to share together. We participate in gatherings of all kinds to benefit from the progress that prospers us all. However, when do we stop to notice and change the opposite?

The pernicious doings of others is also our shame and tragedy. As a whole, what we do, or don’t do, contributes to the negative realities around us. I watch people criticize and point their finger away from themselves and onto others. I shed tears as I watch a world of people contaminate consciousness by excluding, separating, or destroying. Why do we run into the arms of pretense that bad things and bad people are someone else’s problem? I often wonder what has happened to this concept that we are all one.

Then on February 21, 2007, I watched the amazing alliance between Oprah Winfrey, famed talk show host, and guest Bill O’Reilly, the controversial, do-gooder host of the O’Reilly Factor. They joined forces and media power to go after child molesters and predators with a focus on a piece of legislation called “Jessica’s Law” in honor of Jessica Lunsford, a 9-year old Florida rape and murder victim. What struck me about the alliance was not only the fact that we needed to band together against these evil predators, but Oprah’s final words of acknowledgment that these victimized children were OUR children. She did not separate those children as victims of someone else, children of someone else, but OUR children, and she was right. I felt my spirit come alive with the utterance of a universal truth.

We need to build on that type of expansive thinking. We need to recognize that everything we do in our lifetime contributes to all those we encounter. And all those we encounter influence all those they encounter, and it goes on and on. Everything we do affects us together. If we do nothing, and only focus on our immediate realities, we are contributing and giving permission for others to indulge in all that is negative. Individually, each of us can make a difference.

We are far too connected to escape responsibility. As we have begun to embrace the concept of “shifting consciousness” to enact all that can ever be good for us by shifting from negative to positive; we must also expand our consciousness by shifting it toward responsibility to others. We have the power to positively change a world that is dishonest, cruel, and unjust, if only by shifting consciousness.

TODAY’S SPIRIT urges that we live in spirit and access the power that imagines anything is possible. Shift you consciousness away from “me”, and into “ours” to include everyone. We have to do it. We need to get a sense that our community is a world community that is free of exclusion. That is the evolutionary path we are taking to better the world. Every time you dare to imagine a world that is ours together, those thoughts will contribute to evolutionary impulses that will eventually change the world. The results will not be mine, or yours, but ours. This is the sole reason we should remember that we all are one.