MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE  by Natalia Alexandria

A big part of life revolves around making our dreams come true. We imagine positive experiences, and we can describe with great accuracy everything we would like to encounter. It’s an exciting exercise, particularly when life presents its difficulties, and we are left with nothing but our ability to dream. But how far will you go to achieve your dreams, the kind that break boundaries and bring exhilarating joy?

Whether you have big dreams or little dreams, they all require unbending faith and the ability to trust in things you cannot control. As simple as these requirements sound, why do so many of our dreams go unfulfilled? Simply, the unknown factor is what scares off most people. We prefer certainty because we think that predictability is something that we can rely on and its allure gives us a sense of reassurance. So the bulk of us reach for the conventional tools of goal setting that have their roots in all that is known. This approach follows a blueprint of standardized methodology and is a process of the mind. Admittedly, there is a chance for success and the mind may very well be a necessary component, but the odds are seldom in our favor. The drawback of using only logical thinking is that you are busy applying an inadequate mold into what should be a dream that is individual—one that reflects your specific desires, circumstances, and abilities.

What usually happens after outlining our meticulous plan is that we face a few unexpected and complicated obstacles. We feel discouraged, then derailed, and then poof! Our dream is abandoned. Since no foolproof method exists for when dreams go awry (because who could cover all of the possibilities for everyone who is alive), we convince ourselves that our dreams must have been unrealistic. Unfortunately, bands of people exist to support our defeat, for they too have been disappointed by the daunting task of achieving dreams. So, how do we make our dreams come true?

Beginning today: dare to imagine a reality where, initially, you have no idea how you will make it happen. More likely than not, this dream will seem crazy, ridiculous, or unachievable. If the dream is genuine, you will have a strong sense that you will succeed, but also you will possess the humility to accept that the “plan” is only unraveled with time, patience, and respect for what you cannot understand. Every step you take will require courage, and the daily resilience to ward off fear. You will be uncomfortable and deprived of practical reasoning to the point of exasperation. Do not give up. This is the process of connecting with spirit.

When the connection with spirit is made, you will recognize its flawless preparation of what is called your life. You will realize that the material world played a nasty trick by cementing a supposedly inescapable perception of fear. You will find the gift of hope for a brilliant future and before you know it, you will be happy. And it won’t be because you achieved your dream, although take it when you can get it. You will be happy because you participated in the making of something that was extraordinary.

Making your dreams come true is directly related to living the process of making them come true. If we want our lives to be filled with more meaning by virtue of attaining our dreams, we will have to take the first step and pioneer the territory of our spirit. It means we will defy the ordinary, find pleasure in the moment, and take comfort in all that is quixotic. This glorious experience will become a defining moment of change when how you love yourself explodes out of its limitations and into the field of all possibilities.

Honor your spirit by honoring your dreams. It makes life worth living!