ARE YOU QUIXOTIC? by Natalia Alexandria

Ask the question: Am I quixotic? Let’s hope so, because it’s one mighty fine thing.

Quixotic is a word that came about because of Don Quixote, the hero of romance written by Miguel de Cervantes. Quixotic can apply to those that are caught up in the romance of noble deeds and the pursuit of unrealistic goals. They are dreamers. This adjective also applies to people who are idealistic, romantic, and impractical. As we know, in modern day society, those descriptions aren’t always translated as flattering, and one can go as far as to say that these descriptions are a sign of weakness. Sometimes, quixotic people are accused of viewing life as an illusion, because they adhere to utopian models of living.

I beg to differ. It is precisely these types of qualities that cause us to achieve and live the extraordinary. Why? Along with the definitions found in the Thesaurus, quixotic directly ties into hope and optimism. It also translates into that crazy unbending belief that anything is possible. It allows for miracles, depth of feeling and experience, and above all, the wonder of love everywhere. Imagine life without those qualities. Rather than hope and optimism, we will be left with despair, pessimism, despondence, and gloom. Guess what? The world already has enough of that. So, why aren’t we all taking advantage of the possibilities encapsulated in being quixotic?

The main reason is fear of reproach and the falling ax from those we know who reject most things idealistic. Not only is it easier to avoid the discomfort of being challenged, but we believe such qualities can get us into trouble. Our preference is to avoid perceived obstacles and pretend that the rewards will never arrive. We would rather second-guess our inherent abilities and desires and settle for a mediocre existence. Sounds like a quick way into numbness and living life half-way. I think we’re a lot better than that, and deserve more. And we have a spirit determined to send us that powerful message.

Our spirit is quixotic, like it or not. The defiance of quixotic tendencies adversely impacts the natural state of our spirit. Those idealistic and impractical qualities are the make-up of our strongest life force. This is how our spirit speaks to us and begs us to raise the bar just a little bit higher. It reveals crazy notions of our deepest dreams and goals, and persists until we listen. And when we finally do respond, although things may make little sense from the outside, we feel better than ever. In fact, we suddenly feel invincible and are ready to take action. We experience the highs of being liberated, particularly from the ball and chain that keeps us from doing what we really need to be doing.

Our spirit is the best part of us and requires idealism as its fuel to achieve what seems impossible. It requires the kind of blind hope and unobtrusive vision to make things happen. I say let go and give into the part of us that knows exactly what to do at all the right moments in our lifetime. These are the kind of ingredients that allow our vision of life to expand into places we could have never imagined. Let’s remember that being quixotic can save your life when fighting an illness, bring about life-changing inventions and cures, but most of all, allows us to experience the extraordinary. Don’t defy your spirit – defy the odds of making your dreams come true. End the friction between you and your strongest energy force by listening, exploring, and expanding into new horizons.

Now I ask, do you want to be quixotic?