THE SECRET …AND MORE by Natalia Alexandria

It has been nearly impossible not to notice all the hoop-la surrounding The Secret, the book, and the DVD. The Law of Attraction and its positive message has taken off. As I stand in reverence to the many laws of the universe, I was happy to know that positive thinking had another chance to permeate us all. The Secret is a powerful beginning in altering one’s reality. It advocates positive thinking, visualization, the writing of goals, and affirmations. The positive shift of one’s consciousness, which is really the organization of energy, creates miraculous experiences that can spread like wildfire. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Let’s talk energy. The Secret advocates the shifting of your thoughts to the positive, which in a way, is the training of the mind to harness positive energy so that it can manifest all that you might ever desire. Desire is born in thought, and as our thoughts begin to organize the subatomic particles that make up energy, in this case, the energy source of the mind, your positive intention can then influence all that you desire. Intention puts everything into motion. When it is positive, you will have positive results. Of course, you must be ready to recognize and act when opportunities arise. As good as it gets, there is much more to consider.

Every success story is a progression of thoughts, intentions, and actions, and the realities we create are tied into our entire energy field of the body, mind, spirit, and relationships. These four energy sources are multiplied by our specific experiences, circumstances, and all those we encounter—if even for a second. Since we are not alone in this world, it then makes sense that the energy field of others could impact and influence the results we are having, or not having. What else do we need to know after the secret?

The synergistic energy field of the body, mind, spirit, and relationships, thrives when it is in balance. As we know, these energy sources can be either positive, negative, or a combination thereof. No matter who we are, or what we have lived, we have to align some portion of this energy field depending on the challenges we are facing today. It would then make sense that sustained attention and focus on improving our complete energy field of body, mind, spirit, and relationships, would be advantageous, and would powerfully propel our desires even more.

I’m a big believer of living your life in balance, with a priority in spirit. Spirit is the most powerful of energy sources, and when our physical energy is congruent to our spiritual energy, we begin to live the extraordinary. The extraordinary rests within our spirit, and balance in our energy field unlocks the ability of spirit to navigate fulfillment and purpose into our lives. How? The pure energy of spirit makes us feel safe, unthreatened, and free, unlike physical energy that maneuvers through dense matter (our body) and can interfere with our success. It’s when we defy the physical and its limitations that the extraordinary begins to grab hold—but we must be living within a balanced energy field.

When spirit comes first, it finds a way to “let go” of physical realities, and shifts into a place that disallows such limitations to overpower our desire and intention. Ask anyone who has known and defied a physical disability—it can kill you, or it can empower you. Everything physical expires, but not our spirit. That amazing flawless energy that weighs twenty-one grams upon death continues to expel such vibrancy in energy that undoubtedly, it can be called magic.

Let us band together and start sharing the extraordinary. Let us do whatever it takes to shift our consciousness for positive transformation everywhere. Fulfilling our dreams, and living a quality life is a process that lasts a lifetime. For more information about life fulfillment and living the extraordinary, please visit